You want to use an existing solution or hire the in-house development of an App? In any case, these are the questions you should ask ahead of the process:

  • How much time does the development/provision take?
  • How many own employees are needed during the development stage and the product launch? What costs are generated?
  • How many users can use the system simultaneously?
  • Can the availability be guaranteed?
  • What reaction times (Reaktionszeit) can be ensured?
  • Where is the server located that provides the system?
  • Are Security-Audits applied?
  • Are updates, due to new versions of Android and iOS, included? If not, what follow-up costs are the result?
  • Does the provider have expertise and knowledge in developing the needed system? If so, can you speak to other customers that have purchased a similar system?
  • Has the provider acquired experience regarding the needs and expectations of the system users? Does he react to customer- and user-feedback in an adequate and fast manner?
  • Can features that are not meeting the required needs be deactivated? Does this generate costs?

If you have decided for a in-house development, these additional questions should be answered:

  • Does the provider grant resources for adjustments and further development after the completion of the initial project? How much would a subsequent development cost?
  • How fast can the features be installed?

If you have decided for an existing solution, these additional questions should be answered:

  • What graphical adjustments are possible?
  • Are individual developments possible? How much do they cost?
  • Do customers have an influence on upcoming features?
  • Will the system be updated?
  • Can the system individually be adjusted to a specific context or educational process?