“In Cooperation with the EDEKA AG, we hosted a workshop consisting parts of the educational practice of the retailer network. Andreas Rubbel, Head of Digital Learning Media at EDEKA AG, his colleagues Romina Seifert and Jule Herden, as well as Christian Kiefer, CEO of Mobile Learning Labs GmbH, used the Quizzer App, to show the possibilities that lay within the use of game based E-Learning tools. In small groups the participants were able to interact with the tool and could therefore experience how fun learning can be, using the Quizzer App. Later the groups went on to compete in a Quiz against each other. Selected members of the group, were able to choose questions from different categories. By answering them correctly, they could win points for their team.
At the end, everyone agreed that playful and competitive applications are an ideal way to consolidate knowledge, to do follow-up work and in preparation of an exams.”

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