“Quizzer uses an effective learning method for conceptual knowledge – and most importantly it fits in your pocket.”

Prof. Dr. Armin Weinberger
Professor for educational technology at the University of Saarland


“A correlation of short-term and expedient Feedback combined with fun elements is the key to successful studying. Quizzer offers exactly this.”

Prof. Dr. Gernold Frank
E-Learning Expert


„Altogether, I am confident that Quizzer can be effectively put to use in professional education and I am sure that especially with young people, there will be a high acceptance..“

Michael Härtel
Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)


With Quizzer® your associates, colleagues and employees will learn new topics in a faster and more fun way.


Quizzer® improves the motivation and at the same time establishes a collective positiv feeling of accomplishmen.


To immediately work on problem solving, quizzer provides you with a number of statistics about learning progress and possible gaps of knowledge.

Quizzer® is customizable and versatile

Many customers use Quizzer® for product training courses, employer branding, know-how-transfers or induction of new employees.

Studying with the Leitner Method
Quizzer® prepares the content under the well-known Leitner system. Links to more information strengthens and consolidates the consisting knowledge.

Motivated studying with Quizzer®
Quizzer® sparks the desire to learn. A playful competitive spirit, as well as fun and pleasure in success, bring employees closer to company- and work-related themes.

Sustainable learning with Quizzer®
Quizzer® offers 2-5 answers to each question. Optional explanations, pictures and links to more information to impart knowledge in an especially memorable and effective manner.

Challenging studying with Quizzer®
Quizzer® shows transparent success: Employees can challenge and compete against each other in duels simultaneously and time-shifted. This encourages the competition even more!

Simple managing with Quizzer®
Quizzer® offers the possibility to administrate questions, topics and users in a quick and intuitive way – no time-consuming training needed! Web-based, time- and locally independent.

Simple import with Quizzer®
Quizzer® makes it possible to import content of existing questionnaires. This means it’s super easy to transmit content from other systems, without much time expenditure.

Simple evaluating with Quizzer®
Quizzer® makes the learning progress transparent and reviewable. Detailed evaluations allow a precise overview* about knowledge gaps of individual or groups of employees.
*All statical evaluations can be displayed anonymously.

Simple addressing with Quizzer®
Quizzer® enables a targeted address of individual and groups of employees. This group-feature undergoes an easy and intuitive determination, which employee receives access to which questions and content.

Quizzer® App Features

App Features
  • The studying method based on the Leitner System (single and multiple choice questions)
  • Simultaneous and time-shifted duels
  • Questions with pictures, detailed explanations and links to further information
  • Customizable avatars
  • Rankings (also correlated with different time periods)
  • Chat*
  • Offline mode
  • Suggest & propose questions, incl. pictures*
  • Tutorial in quiz style*
  • Editable user profiles*
  • Invite friends (for specific domains)*
  • Self-registration (für spezifische Domains)*
  • Push notifications for communication (challenges, results, …)*
  • Information about the current level of knowledge and other statistics*
  • Automatic language selection deriving from the chosen system language
WebAdmin Features
  • Create & administrate users
  • Create & administrate question/questionnaires
  • Create, administrate, and assign specific studying catalogue to user groups
  • Import existing questionnaires
  • Statistics of the use of the system and their catalogues
  • Statistics of the answers to the questions and catalogues
  • Statistiken zu einzelnen Gruppen und Nutzern*
  • Send push notifications to user (groups)*
  • Different types of authorization for the administration application (user management, content creation, . . .)
  • Import of useres upon request
  • Data exchange with LMS upon request
App Customizing
  • Individual app icon according to specifications of the client
  • Individal avatar according to specifications of the client
  • Individal color scheme according to specifications of the client
  • Individual load screen
  • Customized entries in the app stores with individual screenshots
  • Customized registration progress for users für (SSO, self registration, …)

* Can be switched off by request of the customer.

Quizzer App Screenshot
Quizzer App Screenshot
Quizzer App Screenshot


SPAR Champion (= Quizzer) is available for our employees and apprentices as a voluntary benefit. The playful responses for professionally relevant expertise is responsible for an effective exam preparation that has lead to much better results.

Mag. Ing. Michael Fally

Head Team Manager SPAR Learning Media, SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels AG

The flexibility and the customer proximity to Mobile Learning Labs is very good. Since the beginning our partnership was part of the early stages of development with Quizzer. We were able to experience a professional, young business that can implement new inspirations and demands in the project in an uncomplicated way. The high speed of transformation convinced us. For example a last minute english version for our international team or a feature that enables employees to ask their own question va the app.

Guido Rixe

Head of Sales & Service Academy / Training International, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co.


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