“Quizzer offers a refreshing way to bring the enormously important, yet sometimes dry topic of compliance a little closer to the employees.”


Mrs Dr. Susanne Jochheim

BRP Renaud und Partner mbB


With Quizzer® we make the perfect introduction to Mobile Learning in business possible. Together with our partners we can furthermore offer services around the preparation, integration, launch, and sustainable operation.



Apiarista Consulting is a specialist for digitization, change management, and supports companies all the way from the needs assessment up until the introduction of Mobile Learning.



Innovative E-Learning solutions need to be communicated in line with their target groups. brand campus® supports businesses with its internal marketing for their Mobile Learning solution.



ITS TRAINING develops customized concepts for the appropriate vocational or advanced training. This way there is a special focus on the optimal usability on mobile devices.



Prozubi is a specialized online study forum that prepares for IHK exams with videos and exam questions. The content from Prozubi can be easily integrated in Quizzer®.



MWith the law firm BRP Renaud & Partner mbB we are able to win a partner that is leading expert in compliance.
BRP Renaud & Partner concentrates on the middle class, which knows the particularities and demands all too well after years of consulting activity. The law firm takes appropriate measures into their own hands to prevent their clients from compliance violations in every way possible. The main focus associated with this, is a proper schooling of the employees in all relevant compliance topics. Furthermore the consultation is particularly directed to compensate for the consequences of alleged violations, as well as to defend the affected businesses.

BRP has an expert team specialized on compliance. It exists of lawyers with years of experience in specialized areas such as cartel law, criminal law, data protection law, labor law, and corporate law. Next to consulting services the compliance team from BRP since recently also offers the drafting of questionnaires for Quizzer. The questions and answers can be individually customized to each business and will contain all areas of expertise concerning compliance. With Quizzer and the customized questionnaire from BRP, the employees will always have access and can be schooled in this enormously important subject in the most enticing, inspiring and sustainable way.

The current questions and answers around that topic were created by Mrs. Dr. Susanne Jochheim. She is an active lawyer since August 2014 and both part of the compliance team, as well as partner at law firm BRP Renaud & Partner mbB in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

Before her work as lawyer Mrs. Dr. Joachim was part of the Robert Bosch GmbH for 18 years, 5 of these she ran the HR Department in the headquarters. Starting 2010 she started to form the worldwide responsible Compliance Department of the Robert Bosch GmbH and took over the management as Compliance Officer. Mrs. Dr. Jochheim knows the internal operations of a business and brings a lot of practical experience in the management of structural changes of businesses.


Dr. Susanne Jochheim

Lawyer, BRP Renaud und Partner mbB